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Friday, November 5, 2010

Culinary Tours of Paris

For those wondering why I haven't written in so long, I've been working on getting something organized here in Paris. And now the opportunity has presented itself, and this dream has come to fruition.

Starting today, Culinary Tours of Paris is open for business.

So many people come to Paris come here to eat, but the overwhelming amount of choices and language barrier can be a bit intimidating. My purpose with this tour is to make the cuisine more approachable: I will show off the vast diversity that exists in French cuisine, and also take some time to point out some cool sites here in Paris.

The first tour I have set up is in the Montmartre neighborhood. There will be three restaurant stops, where we will eat an Entree (Appetizer) of Charcuterie and Fromage, A Plat (Main Course), and A Dessert. All Plates are paired with appropriate Wines and Cider.

Between restaurants, we will take in the sites and explain the history of Montmartre and its inhabitants, and what makes this quarter of Paris so unique.

Group size is maximum 8 people

Runs Wednesday through Saturday, reservation only

2010 Tour Price: 95 euros per person

Tour starts at noon

If anyone is interested in this tour, take a look at my new website If you want to contact me about taking a tour, contact me at

A bientôt!